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Maintenance Technician Resume

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Keeping all machines in great working order and condition is the number 1 responsibility of all industrial maintenance technicians. Not only must they accomplish this task very effectively, these techs need to diagnose minor problems then correct those problems before they balloon into a major breakdown.

Many mechanics use updated technical manuals as a resource, to help with their own understanding of how the equipment works, then utilizing observation to help them discover the machines faults.

For example, when workers report hearing some vibrations coming from a particular machine, the technician must then decide, is this noise from worn belts, also weak or worn out motor bearings, maybe some other mechanical problem.

So after carefully diagnosing what the problem might be, the industrial maintenance technician may disassemble that particular section of the equipment to start to repair the machine with new parts.

The company expectations of a maintenance technician is to posses the electronics, also any computer programming type skills to make the repairs to the company’s equipment by themselves.

These technicians are also responsible for the cleaning and preventive maintenance including lubricating machinery, also performing basic types of diagnostic tests, then checking the performance, then testing the damaged parts from the machine to determine what major repairs will be necessary.

In all production facilities, most of these workers will be subject to very common injuries for instance cuts, many bruises, and lots of strains. They also work in many awkward positions, like standing on ladders in very cramped conditions that are underneath large machinery, which also exposes them to additional hazards.

All machinery also maintenance and some millwright positions most generally will require at least high school graduate diploma, a GED, or they may accept the equivalent.

A 2-year associate degree program in industrial maintenance provides good preparation. Classroom instruction focuses on subjects such as shop mathematics, blueprint reading, welding, electronics, and computer training.

Joe Thurston-Owner of Resumes Cover Letters

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