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Cover Letter Mistakes!

Updated Dec, 20 2018 researched & written by Joe Thurston

You realize you have spent hours creating your resume. You have made sure all your skills are well defined, and now your job title sounds more complicated than it really was in the first place. So don't let yourself get sold short by settling for just any cover letter.

Why would you send out a resume you worked so hard on with a template that you did nothing to so that it is not up to par with your resume? Don't do it. If you are to use a cover letter template then prepare it with the same determination to be original just like you did with your resume.

The whole purpose behind a cover letter is to secure an interview. In you are to do this, your cover letter must demonstrate all the skills one so painstakingly prepared on their own resume.

After spending so much time on your resume so it looks professionally done, it makes little sense to update any template you may find on the internet in the same professional manner.

What you ask is a template? A template is a pre-generated cover letter where all one has to do is fill in the blanks.

Almost all word processor software has some type of fill in the blank cover letter template. With all these options available, it is the easy way out, but it will not pay off. Don't think that just because you got there first you will be getting a job offer.

The hiring manager is looking for the best candidate not who arrived first. Your resume cover letter must grab their attention, which is what it will do, if and only if you take the time to customize it.

Using a template is the quickest way for your resume to end up in the trash can. A template gives the impression that you don't really care and that you just want to get a job, any job. This is not a very good characteristic of a new hire.

They are looking for a person that has passion and enthusiasm. They also want to see someone go the extra mile once in awhile. How are you going to get this point across to a manager when you are using a fill in the blank cover letter?

The answer is simple. You won't. It's very useful to customize any template and use a personalized cover letter that makes the manager convinced that they found the right person for the position.

It's a lot more work, it will be at first, but in the end it will pay off big time. The amount of calls to come in for a job interview are an extremely greater percentage, versus a cover letter template.

So you see, in theory you will send out less resumes and cover letters in the mail due to your professional editing of any template you can find out there. Templates were meant to be just a guide.

Make sure your personalized cover letter opens with enough enthusiasm to keep the manager reading. Half of the work is complete once you create and edit your own professional cover letter!

A template by itself, will never accomplish keeping the hiring managers attention, no matter where or what promises you got with the template.

A template for your cover letter might be just too general. So spend more time learning what it is that will make your cover letter special, and then just do it.

Cover Letter Articles 2:

The Cover Letter

Separate yourself from the competition by using a unique cover letter. To do that you need change any cover letter you stumble across searching the Internet to suit your own situation. You can do this by writing it with fresh content that is suited to your experience and skills.

Take more time and change it to be personable to your specific employer. A cover letter example you find on the Internet probably will not do this.

Does the website you choose to retrieve your sample from know what creative presentation of a cover letter is? People are not conscious of the fact that most cover examples that are gotten off the Internet were badly designed. E-mailing that cover letter off to an employer without first customizing it, is a certain death for that letter.

While you gather all the information needed for your resume you must have confidence. Set out a clear defined plan for your resume draft with the information of your past job history.

You want to convey to your employer that you definitely put a lot of thought and work into this new cover letter. You do not want to create a bad first impression, so go the extra mile and edit it with style. After all an appearance that you wrote professionally will show any employer you are well prepared and not lazy.

So prepare your own content to create your own unique letter. Mail your letter to a real person. Send correspondence to their real name.

This is one way to impress the employer, knowing that other people will be using samples usually addressed 'to who it may concern' instead of the persons real name. Sample letters don't usually work to well since the objective here is to be different.

What needs to be included is a paragraph that will point out you are the best choice for this position. Offer what you seem to like about the corporation of your future employer.

Employers really like read letters that communicate various programs from within their company. The more you know about their organization the more you will impress them.

The last paragraph of your letter you should not be even the least bit passive, don't be shy and ask is there time you can adjust next week to fit me in for just one interview. Believe it when I say they want to know you are very serious about securing this position. Remember the last paragraph should be positive and you enjoy this type of work. Your plans are absolutely permanent.

Cover Letter articles 3:

All of these resume articles so far, are really on the mark. Follow their advice.

Cover Letter Internet Template

Some templates can be of use to the job applicant if you take the time to edit them correctly. A lot of the time, job applicants take these templates for granted though.

They sometimes use the templates as they are without modification, receiving not one phone call requesting to schedule an interview.

If you are one of the people who make this mistake, and you don't realize you may be doing something wrong, then you just fell into the trap of mistakenly thinking that it's ok to use the template in it's current form when you download it off the Internet.

A general misunderstanding is that the job applicant can take this cover letter and use it as is. Cover templates should not be used in their current state.

They are suppose to be a guide for you to use to create your own and compare it when you are finished with the template. If you mail a template out in it's current state, you are asking for defeat before you even give yourself a chance.

More misunderstandings the job applicant makes by using these as is, by not modifying the cover template the employer sees hundreds of the same type of cover coming in daily.

Most employers would like to see professional cover letters, but the point is they are looking for the standout, unique letter that will make them sit up and take notice of the job seekers creativity.

Your major concern is that the cover template is only a starting point to show you an example of how to compose a great looking cover letter.

Also as previously mentioned above your new employer is searching for something to pop out at them that is different and related to your own style of writing. You should always modify the cover letter to suit your own unique personality.

You can search the Internet and find many places that let you fill out a form with your information and then their computer program will pop you out a cover letter. But in reality, it is only a conforming template, so you still need to modify this after you complete it to make it your own.

People think that using this type of service will generate for them a superb cover letter. Again you must modify this template so that it truly does what you intend it to do, which is to pop out at your new employer with some personality.

Most of these will not explain all your options you have available to you like using bullets. Bullets will be an added benefit to you by highlighting with bullets your skills and experience, you will gain the benefit of a greater designed cover letter. Bullets will also make scanning easier, allowing the employer to instantly assess any cover letter.

You are the only one who knows your main expertise, qualifications, long term goals and future direction that you want to be pointed in. You will also have more knowledge about the company through your own research than any website out there that offers fill in the blank computer generated cover letters.

You alone are the best option out there for creating your own personalized cover letter. Take the initiative and sit down and create your own masterpiece for your own cover. You will be showing your future employer that you have what it takes to be unique.

So just dive in and get started. It will take some time to accomplish a great cover letter, but if you follow the advice above, get a template and then modify it to put your own personal stamp on it, I am sure you will stand a better chance of landing an interview.

Don't turn in a dull and mundane cover letter so that it cheats you out of your chance to show others who you truly are.

Cover Letter articles 4:

All of these resume articles so far, are really on the mark. Follow their advice.

Cover Letter Formats

All applicants definitely want the samething when it comes down to creating their cover letter. The magic one that will land an interview.

A great place to find cover letters is the Internet. With most people grabbing up one of those Internet cover letters, the employers are starting to see similar looking cover letters daily.

You can always use different cover letter formats for great ideas on how to put together your own. Just make sure that you re-work that cover example you find off the Internet to a chronological format and send it in to the prospective employer.

The best thing that works is to collect several and take a little information from them all to create a useful cover letter for you. Take the information and make it unique to your own situation. Make sure it looks professional and totally different from someone else's.

After you go to all the trouble of creating that original cover letter, don't just copy it and send it out in masses.

Change them up just a little to be unique for each job position. Any cover letter should contain what the information that the employer is looking for and how you are the right person for the job. Please don't send the same cover letter to all employers.

I know it would be easier, but take my advice and customize each and every one.

Make sure your letter informs the employer about yourself. Make sure you stand alone from the rest of the applicants. Show them how you alone meet their needs and how you alone are the best fit for the position. Intrigue them into inviting you for that interview.

Definitely highlight your qualifications for the position. The cover letter needs to be re written for every single job you apply for, make it unique for every position.

Another part to your creative cover letter, is to compliment your prospective employer.

If you don't know exactly what they have to offer their employees that you can compliment them on, then take the time to investigate the company and then write your real cover letter showing interest in how they treat their employees and what they have to offer.

Keep this part brief but totally honest showing they are a great company and have outstanding benefits.

The end of your real cover letter should be assertive. This is where ask them for an interview. Let the employer know you will be doing a follow up call to set in the near future, and ask them to review your resume.

Keep your cover letter professional, and unique, at all times. You should always land more interviews if you take the time and dedication to make each cover letter unique.

Cover letter articles 5:

Cover Letter Ideas

Your cover letter will be useful in assisting employers to justify their approval when choosing qualified job applicants. Your cover letter should give a complete run down of your experience and technical skill.

The employer then will, based on the cover letter, decide whether to consider even looking at the resume.

What's the mission of a cover letter?

Your cover letter should be intended to be a business communication between the individuals looking for a posted position, and the employer. The employer can get a quick overview of your experience and technical skill for their open position.

Cover letters need to be enjoyable attention grabbing communication device used so the employer can obtain more knowledge about you pertaining to the open job.

General knowledge about yourself and the training and qualifications you have attained in the past are included, also some basic general data about the person.

Your cover letter should be to the point and should direct attention to the fact right off, that you are well qualified for the position. The applicant should write this themselves and not use a standard template, so the employer can get a feel for the individual.

What information will your cover letter contain?

Your cover won't be a template but should and will be original. You should follow the example below to write your cover letter so it ends up being very informative and professional.

1. Use the same font that you used preparing your original resume.
2. If at all possible, find out the main person who will have the decision and address it to them.
3. Match all of your stationary, Cover, Resume, and Envelope ect...
4. Adjust your cover for every job position, don't send a dull use all form, be original.
5. Make darn sure you have no errors in spelling or mis used words in paragraphs.
6. Get straight to the subject at hand and be professional.

There are some formats you should want to utilize while creating your personal cover letter.

There are many options that will get you fast results in getting an interview for a job opening. First, use easy to read language and use it friendly. Secondly, do not hesitate to ask for your chance to come in for your interview.

Third include P.S. at the bottom and tell them you will be contacting them just to make sure they received your paperwork, and to draw the attention that you will follow up.

An excellent cover letter will be focused, and very relevant to the position that is open. Detail 1, &2, &3. Show them immediately you are a good candidate.

You can and will make an impact on your future employer with a great cover letter. It will help guide them into understanding who you are. It also allows the person reading to become more interested in your resume and sparks their interest in meeting you.

Now go to my resume download pages, download, and (save) it to your desktop. Backspace my information, and edit with your own.

(End cover letter articles)

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