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Thank You Letter

Thank You Letter1Thank You Letter2

(More Free Sample Thank You for Interview Letters Below) Thank You!!

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Obviously the first thank you letter is probably the one you would want to use as an example. Open it up and then save it to your desktop where you can get to it easily when you have time to edit it.

It should be very easy to edit by substituting your details in the letter in the appropriate places. Just change the wording to fit your situation.

First edit your name and address, then you already know who interviewed you, so add their name and their company address.

Next, substitute the job position you interviewed for in some arrangement that makes sense into the first paragraph.

Third edit the second paragraph with a brief summary of your skills so the hiring manager will remember how qualified you are.

Fourth, throw in something interesting you talked about in the interview just to help them spark a memory of you, and also to show interest.

Edit fifth, your closing and that you will be calling back to check and see that they received your letter. Also at the end of this paragraph, remind them of the fact you need little training or break in period which is a big plus to them. Show them in words you are ready and confident to perform this job efficiently and to their satisfaction.

Sample Interview Thank-You Letters

Sample Interview Thank You Letters
For the picture thank you letter, this was a quality position that when adding the picture, definitely shows the hiring manager when they receive your letter, that you put a lot of effort into this, and it shows your enthusiasm.

Since the picture has to do with the same subject you interviewed for, it kind of shows your pride in your profession. In this case a quality lab tech.

Now if you would like to, you can find any picture that has to do with your field of work and after you have edited the letter, you could add the new picture yourself. Just to see what it would look like. If you don't like it after you add it then take it back off.

I mean come on, if you were a real estate sales person applying for a job, wouldn't it be nice after your interview to send a thank you letter back with a proud you standing on the lawn next to a sold sign?

I like them myself as long as it is not unprofessional looking. You can create what ever you desire.

Joe Thurston-Owner of Resumes Cover Letters

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