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Resume Mistakes

Resume Mistakes
Top 7 resume mistakes.

1. No Objective.

There are people who leave the Objective heading off the resume. These are resume blunders. Not a good idea. The hiring manager wants to know up front what position it is you are applying for. No guess work on their part, so please always include it. Resume mistakes are common, so lets try to be very detailed in the objective.

2. Not understanding the hiring managers position.

Potential employers want to read about your past experience and achievements and what you can bring to the table. Their position is to screen for the qualifications.

So make sure they are there.

3. Listing only your duties.

These people are looking for a candidates strong point, to fill the qualifications they have already established. So express your contributions you have made in the field you are applying for.

4. Leaving off valuable information.

If you state decreased rejects by 30% you are leaving information. So say you had a 30% reduction in rejects annually after implementing your program in the department.

5. Using passive statements.

(Responsibilities include) is one of these statements. Better would be Managed areas of my position or took the lead on the development of the program.

6. Attention getters on your resume.

If a resume screener has 100's of screenings to get done today, do you really think they want to see pink or purple paper. Or some sort of label stuck to it.

7. Being untruthful.

If this does get you an interview then be prepared. Hiring managers are savvy with a great deal of knowledge behind them.

Also they will bring people in on the interview who have particular knowledge of the qualifications of the posted job.

They will be able to tell. Very embarrassing.

They also know other company managers in the area to let your secret out.

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