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Cover Letter

Sample Cover Letter 1Sample Cover Letter 2Sample Cover Letter 3

The cover matches all of your education, covers your training, your technical skills, and accomplishments to a particular job for a particular organization. You should only use the most relevant on your covering letter.

A good letter is a short (3-5 paragraphs usually) story of how you match the job. Like any good story, the opening paragraph should catch the employer's attention and state what position you are applying for and why.

The middle should develop your story by providing specific examples of your qualifications. The end will always summarize by requesting an interview and providing your contact information.

General Guidelines

Try to keep most of your paragraphs brief and relevant.
Laser-print your letter on good quality bond paper.
Compose your cover letter to the position and company.
Show to the employer that your qualifications do match the job duties and their company goals.
Proofread. We don't want any errors.

Your Address

Your name will be first.
Your street address, city, state, zip.
Month, day & year go next.
[Your Name]
[Street Address]
[City, ST ZIP Code]
[January 2, 2009]---Space down at least 2 lines.

[Recipient Name] Find out this persons name first
[Company Name]
[Street Address]
[City, ST ZIP Code]

Be sure to confirm the name and gender of the addressee before you start. If you absolutely cannot find the name of the recruiter, personnel director, or director, use their title as a salutation; e.g., Dear Human Resource Director.

Dear [Recipients Name]:

Opening paragraph

You want your resume to pop out at them, so start with an opening that grabs their attention immediately.

1st Same paragraph
One of my friends who works for your company, (John Doe) recommended that I write you about a position as a production operator trainee. He really loves his job and, from his description of the company management philosophy, I know I would too.

2nd Same paragraph
Now is the time to quickly let them know the research you have done on the company, to show them you have done your homework. While doing so, state your objective.

3rd Same paragraph
Refer to the employers add. Also refer how your skills as a production operator, could help their bottom line, as you are very production oriented.

Example paragraph
One of my friends who works for your company, (John Doe) recommended that I write you about a position as a production operator trainee. He really loves his job and, from his description of company management philosophy, I know I would too.

My research of your company, told me we have a lot in common, since my last position was also field related producing plastic polyethylene. I'm confident my experienced skills and my love for the technology field, will be a great match for this open position.

Middle paragraph

This is the place on your cover letter for you to discuss your qualifications and skills, giving examples from past work experience to illustrate your strong points.

1st Middle paragraph

I will bring to your company, a very broad range of technical skills,


•    [List #1 skill]
•    [List #2 skill]
•    [List #3 skill]
•    [List #4 skill]
•    [List #5 skill]

Closing paragraph

Your closing paragraph or sentence should encourage action.

I welcome this opportunity to discuss in detail with you, this open position. If you would have any questions or you are thinking of scheduling an interview with me, please don't hesitate to contact me by telephone at [phone number] or through my e-mail address at [e-mail address].

I took the liberty and also enclosed an updated resume for you to look over, and I do look forward to speaking with you soon about this open position.

End your cover letter with "Sincerely" followed by a comma. Then type your name at least four spaces below that, so you will have plenty of room to hand write your signature.


[Signature] your signature

(John Doe) typed signature


Your Name]
[Street Address]
[City, ST ZIP Code]
January 2, 2009

[Recipient Name]
[Company Name]
[Street Address]
[City, ST ZIP Code]

Dear [Recipient Name]:

One of my friends who works for your company, (John Doe) recommended that I write you about a position as a production operator trainee. He really loves his job and, from his description of company management philosophy, I know I would too. While doing research of your company, I found we have a lot in common, since my previous position was also field related manufacturing plastic polyethylene. I am also confident that my qualifications and my passion for technology will be a perfect match for this position.

I would bring to your company a broad range of skills, including:
•    [List skill]
•    [List skill]
•    [List skill]
•    [List skill]
•    [List skill]

I would like the opportunity to discuss this open position with you. If you would have any questions at all or you might want to schedule a personal interview with me, please don't hesitate to contact me by telephone at [phone number] or by my e-mail at [e-mail address]. You will find my enclosed resume for your review, and I look forward to hearing from you.


[Your Name]
[type signature]


A Comprehensive Guide of what to include in your Cover Letter

[Your Name]
[Street Address]
[City, ST ZIP Code]
January 2, 2009

[Recipient Name]
[Company Name]
[Street Address]
[City, ST ZIP Code]

Dear [Recipient Name]:

In this very first paragraph explain why you are contacting the person, also mention your connection with that person or someone who knows that person. Describe where you heard about the current job. You will also briefly state who you are.

Next, wow them with your very sincere, research you collected on their company. The statement you are making to them is that you are knowledgeable about the company business, and you are a worthy applicant, once they see you know your business and research, they will read more.

In this second paragraph communicate more about yourself. Explain with detailed examples, that you are the best and most suitable candidate for this position.

Then end this paragraph with detailed qualifications you have that make you exactly what they are looking for in an employee.

This ending paragraph will be you thanking the person reading this letter, for their time. Also include, you will be looking forward in the future, hearing from them or a representative of their company, with their reply.

A good idea to end the letter is to give this person reading your cover letter, an exact time that you will be contacting them, for a follow up conversation.


[Your Name]
[type signature]

Enclosure: Resume

Here are some sample cover letters of what we just went through above.

Letter1 <<Download sample letters here

Letter2 <<Download sample letters here

Letter3 <<Download sample letters here

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Welder cover letter <<Download

Accountant Clerk cover <<Download

Clerical cover <<Download

Waitress cover <<Download

General Labor cover <<Download

Salon Cosmetology cover <<Download

Custodian cover <<Download

Construction laborer cover <<Download

Utilities Energy Oil cover <<Download

Plumbing or Plumber cover <<Download

Computer Technician cover <<Download

Warehouse Worker cover <<Download

Hotel Clerk cover <<Download

Machine Operator cover <<Download

Personal Care cover <<Download

Call Center cover <<Download

Nurse cover <<Download

Seasonal Employment cover <<Download

Employment Staffing cover <<Download

Military cover <<Download

Facilities cover <<Download

News Photographer cover <<Download

Graphic Arts cover <<Download

Publishing Printing cover <<Download

Agriculture Forestry Fishing cover <<Download

Administrative Assitant cover <<Download

Data Entry Operator cover <<Download

Finance Economics cover <<Download

HR Assistant cover <<Download

HR General cover <<Download

HR Recruiter cover <<Download

Computer Administration cover <<Download

Biotech Pharmaceutical cover <<Download

Analyst cover <<Download

Medical Lab Radiology cover <<Download

Sports Fitness cover <<Download

Trainee cover <<Download

Veterinary cover <<Download

Cleaning Service cover<<Download

Bricklayer cover  << Download

Software Engineer cover  << Download

Free High School cover  << Download

Home Health Aide cover << Download
Advertising/Public relations cover

Architecture cover

Broadcast Journalism cover Download

Business analyst cover <<Download

Computer Analyst cover

Computer Database cover

Consulting cover

Environmental cover

Executive Office Manager cover

Government cover

HR Management cover

Lab Technician cover <<Download

Legal cover

Mail Room cover <<Download

Mainframe cover

Maintenance Technician cover

Management cover <<Download

Marketing cover

Medical Administration cover

Medical Assistant cover <<Download

Medical Billing cover

Medical Dental cover <<Download

Medical Home Services cover

Medical Pharmacy cover <<Download

Medical Professional cover

Medical PartTime Rehab cover

Medical Technical cover

Networking tech cover

Programming cover <<Download

Quality Control cover <<Download

Research cover

Sales cover <<Download

Scheduler cover <<Download

Science Biology Lab cover

Shipping Receiving cover <<Download

Technical Sales cover

Telecommunications cover

Veterinary Assistant cover <Download

Veterinary Technician cover Download

Housekeeper cover << Download

Dental Hygienist cover << Download

Registered Nurse cover << Download

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) cover letter << Download
Electrician cover <<Download

Hvac cover <<Download

Automotive Mechanic cover <<Download

Travel Agent cover <<Download

Daycare Assistant cover <<Download

Security cover <<Download

Customer Service (CSR) cover <<Download

Construction Foreman cover <<Download

Aesthetician cover <<Download

Medical Optical cover <<Download

Machinist cover <<Download

Cashier cover <<Download

Manufacturing Operator cover <<Download

Skilled Labor Trades cover <<Download

Mechanic Auto cover <<Download

Landscaping cover <<Download

Driver Trucking cover <<Download

Mechanic Machinery cover <<Download

Restaurant Service cover <<Download

Veterinary cover <<Download

Real Estate cover <<Download

Aerospace Aviation cover <<Download

Social Services cover <<Download

Insurance Agent cover <<Download

Purchasing cover <<Download

Airlines cover <<Download

Accounting Auditing cover <<Download

Carpenter cover <<Download

Fast Food Manager cover <<Download

Help Desk Support cover <<Download

HR Comp Benefits cover <<Download

HR Mangement cover <<Download

Drafting cover <<Download

Engineering cover <<Download

Information Technology cover <<Download

Supply Chain cover <<Download

Medical Nursing cover <<Download

Transportation Logistics cover <<Download

Waste Management cover

Executive Assistant Cover <<Download

Material Handler cover<<Download

Project Management cover<<Download

Convenience Store Cashier cover <<Download
Auto Body Technician cover << Download

--Resume Reference Page Get it here!

How can I write my own cover?

What choices or options do you have when you sit down and say to yourself, how can I write this cover letter? If you would not like to do it on your own, you can always buy software that will make it a lot easier for you, or pay a friend to write it for you.

It is more gratifying to write it on your own merits if possible, you will feel better about it, and also the self knowledge that you put into it will come out automatically in the job interview.

But how do I start this project if you have never written a cover before. The answer for you my friend, is by first, obtaining an example cover letter.

Where do I look you ask yourself to find an example or many samples? You could go to the library and pick up a good cover letter book that has many samples and examples in it. Or I would suggest, finding a good example from the Internet.

The most logical way to do this is to search for the words "example cover letter" also add whatever job title your profession is. Examples of this would be (a perfect cover letter as a bank teller). Or you could try (production operator cover letter).

You don't want to search in general terms like "example cover letter", or you will find 100,000,000 million options for unrelated jobs. So we want to be very specific in our correct search terms. Well, you will discover search is quite accurate if you include your profession in the search term.

Don’t get me wrong, this broad search will still help you, although it will be better for you in the long run if you find as many samples that are already prepared for the job position you are seeking.

Looking at the many examples you found off the internet, you will have a good idea of what your final format will look like when you are done editing it with your own information. Please use it only as designed, as a guide.

What are samples and examples you ask? It is in reality a template that contains a preformed format that someone has transformed into a finished occupational cover letter. This formatted template is predesigned. When looking at the content in the examples, edit the template and replace everything with your own information.

And since the examples show in great detail a lot of information about specific job titles , you have a great idea of what you need to do to write your own work history information into the document and make it your own.

Remember to use as a guide only the example cover letter you found off the internet. Edit and use all of your own information. Change everything to suit your own situation. The examples of formats out there are many.

You really don’t have to work to hard at it to complete your own cover for your resume. About three paragraphs are all you need. Just say it differently so that it brings out the you. Follow the examples and you will have created something you can be proud of when you are finished. It’s a great feeling doing it yourself.

Joe Thurston-Owner of Resumes Cover Letters Jobs.com

Now go to resume templates A-I, then download, then (save it) on your computer desktop. Just backspace and edit the example information that is there, and insert your current info.

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