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Lab Technician Resume

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Working as a medical laboratory technician, you'll probably work under the close supervision of a medical technologist to perform tests on tissue, blood and body fluids. Helping doctors perform their initial analysis of patients.

Some duties of the medical lab tech:

1. You will be preparing blood, tissue and urine specimens for specific analysis.

2. Using very sophisticated equipment you will make examinations of the samples for parasites and bacteria and also other micro organisms that may be present.

3. You will be monitoring the tests and also any procedures that are performed.

4. You will analyze the chemical make up of fluid samples.
Perform matching of blood types and chemical make up for use in patient transfusions.

5. Perform testing for prscribed drug levels and types that are present in their blood helping to analyze how a specific patient is progressing and responding with their treatment.

You will probably start your professional careers working in a laboratory or in a small care facility or community hospital. When you obtain some hands on working experience, you will more than likely move up to different settings and pay such as the ones below:

Hospitals, Clinics, Private laboratories, Public health organizations
Quite often, move on to research and development departments of large pharmaceutical companies.

You must have your GED or high schools diploma, but also in addition you'll need to sign up and complete a professionally accredited medical lab tech program.

This is a 1 or 2-year associate degree or possibly a certificate program. During the course of training programs, all students will receive different combinations of classroom training and then laboratory instruction.

Coursework will mostly include the following:

Laboratory mathematics, Chemistry, Microbiology, Pathology, Microscopy, and Immunology. Other various courses will be thrown in with the mix, but you get the general direction of studies. Make sure you add all of these to your lab technician resume after you complete them.

Joe Thurston-Owner of Resumes Cover Letters

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