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About Phone Interviews

About Phone InterviewsAbout Phone Interviews2About Phone Interviews3

About Phone InterviewsAbout Phone Interviews

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To eliminate many candidates for an open position, most companies will conduct phone interviewing's to narrow down the initial pool of job candidates. They do not really want to eliminate you personally, they do this at the end of their resume screening process, so they can narrow down and manage the final candidates better.

We are here to help you find the answers you need to excel during an interview!

If you do get lucky enough to get a phone interview, you can bet on it that you are one of the top candidates for the open position the company has to offer. These interviews offer a number of advantages to the organization:
  • They get to test your written resume they have in front of them, with your phone conversation to find out if your resume is as accurate as you say it is.
  • A quick process for them to evaluate long distance candidates before scheduling an in house interview.
  • They usually have a convenient standardized list of key questions that they have prepared.
  • This phone call screens out obviously unqualified candidates saving the company time.
So you need to become an expert about phone interviews. Since they can only assess your voice, you must know what you are talking about and convey it in a very professional manner.

Phone Interviews:

No one gets hired from the initial telephone interview. These company interview questions are intended by the company to determine if it is worthwhile for them to schedule an interview.

You need to master this part of the job hunt to move yourself forward to the next step - the actual scheduled job interview.

My best advice is to not say I will just wing it if I get a call. You need to have your resume that you turned in to the company in a quick accessible location to get your hands on it quickly after the call comes in and takes you by surprise.

Now with your resume in hand, you can professionally answer any questions they have without any memory loss, as you do not want to stumble through this process.

Make sure you have a blank sheet of paper for notes, and take the call by moving to a quiet place in your home, to cut down on any noise and confusion.

Do not smoke, eat or drink while you are on the phone, as that is very annoying on the other end and unprofessional. Speak clearly and with confidence when answering all questions and be polite.

Expect the phone to ring at any time. Practice out loud with someone else so you can rehearse and be more comfortable about phone interviews. Your friends are really there to help you, so don't be shy, practice and get ready for that all important call that you must pass, in order for you to have a chance at getting called in to speak in person.

Use the links above to download the files to get the answers you need about phone interviews.

You can read more about the author of this page below.

Joe Thurston-Owner of Resumes Cover Letters

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