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Get paid for taking a survey


This is a free reference for you as my visitor, so that you may have the opportunity to make some additional income at home. Don't get me wrong, you have to work at this to make money but it is possible with due diligence.

How does this work exactly?
In one word (diligence). You do not need any experience to do this, but you will have to invest your time and be dedicated to the project to get paid for taking questionaires. Once you take the time to set up these steps, and get past your startup learning curve, you will make money.

The goal of Survey Companies!
These companies are paid by big corporations to find out what people think about their products. To do that they need you. They pay you for your opinion about a specific product that you give in a questionaire. This information collection company then sends this information back to the corporation to get paid, and in return pays you for your general opinion. In the end they have thousands of answers that they compare, and this information will tell the product supplier how to improve the general public's wishes, based on your questionaire you answered.

The Survey Companies Simple Formula!

  1. Corporations pay these information collection companies to gather lots of information about their products, and then return this information to them.
  2. These companies will get you to become a member and pay you for your opinions.
  3. You make money by simply filling out a form and giving your opinion.

Questions you might be asked!
What do you like or dis-like about the product? Is there a feature we left out that you would like to see in the future? Give some specific ideas on how you would like to see the product improve! Do you know anything about this new product? Have you seen it on TV or in a store? Very easy and simple questions for you to answer and are usually multiple choice.

How much can I make filling out surveys?
Well, this depends on your diligence! Become a member first to a choice few that you research first. Then after you start with a few survey companies add more if you have the time. Some people can make hundreds per week.

How will I be paid?
Most pay by check or direct deposit.

Important Steps to be a Success!

  1. Get a free e-mail account to receive your invitations and organize everything so you can keep track of everything easily.
  2. You could have 50 or so accounts if you join a lot of them so keep it organized and stay on top of it. They all want a quick response from you in 3 days or less if possible to return your completed questionaire forms.
  3. Fill out all personal information when applying and save your invitation link when you get accepted.
  4. Fill out everything they ask completely or you will get turned down.
  5. Try your best to fill out the form as soon as you get it. The faster your response in filling it out and returning it the better your standings will be with them. They will keep sending your more questionaires to fill out if you respond quickly.
  6. If you do not know anything about the question then search Google, and by all means answer the question to the best of your ability. Do not leave any questions un-answered. Also give your complete honest answer.
  7. After you have registered with one of your chosen companies, you should receive an invitation for you to fill out a paid survey. If you do not, you need to contact them and ask for the reason. Keep after them until they agree.
  8. Keep the contact information of every questionaire company so you have it handy and can refer to it later when needed.

Lets Take a Look at a Couple!
Stay with me just one more moment for a small review.

Taking a simple, easy online questionaire - $5 to $75 per survey! Participating in an online focus group - $50 to $150 per hour!
Trying new products.
Watching movies!!!
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My review: You will need to complete at least one survey per week. This also has a couple of sample questionaires for you to look at. There is a one time charge of $34.00. You will then go to the member's area to start choosing the forms you want to fill out.
Take an online survey.
Participate in focus groups.
Take a phone survey.
Try new products and get paid.
Go ahead and give it a look.
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My Review: Become a member and then get hundreds of market research firms wanting to pay you for your time for filling out a questionaire.
Relax at home.........get paid!! This is a dream job, no gimmicks. Over 1300 opportunities. Try products, that some you get to keep. Click Here!

My Review: This is $49.95 to join. Then you are supplied with surveys to start filling out to make money. There are samples for you to look at of a couple of there questionaires.
Take a survey for checks!!
Would You Like to Make Easy Money Working from Home Just for Giving Your Opinion? Major corporations such as McDonalds, Nike, Microsoft, Coca-Cola
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My Review: $49.99 to join. Has a great video to explain things. Also has a couple of example questionaires to look over.
IT'S THE PERFECT JOB! Work from home and set your own hours. You're in control!
Get Paid to Drive Your Car !!!
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My Review: There is a charge of $34.99 to join. Then you will receive a $20.00 survey to fill out plus as a member you can then fill out as many forms as you like to make money at home.
Minimum Effort…Maximum Money!
Discover how to easily get paid just for giving your opinion
Maximum Paid
Watch the Video
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My Review: Sign up for Paid Crash Course sent to your mailbox and you get it for free. You can then learn more about this program and how to make money.

Many people do enjoy taking questionaires and getting paid for it. Focus groups were usually put together for the manufacturer which cost them money. Now you can simply join some of these or other online surveys, and they have all the information on their website to get you started. That is what the membership fee is for. So that you will have all that information available to you in one place.

The online company has already taken care of the research and provides it all to you in one package so you can make money. All you have to do now is apply for the questionaires you want to participate in.

I do suggest that you set up a separate e-mail account to handle your business for many reasons. Well you don't want spam in your home e-mail now do you? Also they will be e-mailing you questionaire opportunities that you do not want to miss out on. So by checking your new e-mail account for your new business you can get totally organized.

Keep track of everything and have fun. This can be a profitable business.

This is meant to be a free resource for my visitors who might want another income source working from home.

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