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Resume Objective Examples

Using A Job Objective

Quite a few resume experts say DON'T EVEN bother with adding resume objective examples. But then other experts say the job objective should definitely be added as a required element on every resume that you create.

There is a great debate about this subject when one starts to search the internet for some answers.

I will try to give you both sides of this argument as best that I can, to if anything, help you to understand both points of view on should I use the objective or should I not use it?

The Not So Good Viewpoint On Using An Objective

Ask any resume expert in a forum, make sure you find one who doesn't believe in utilizing job objective examples or for that matter any objectives on resumes, why they don't like them, and they'll tell you resume objectives are not good for the employer, they are only good for your self ego.

In other words, the objective you put on your resume describes only what you want it to say, so people usually fail to say or explain to the employer how their goals will help the employer.

The company is really not interested in helping you to achieve anything. What they want is someone who is going to help their company and especially the department the employee will be working in, to succeed. They are interested in what you can bring to the company, personal goals are out.

Another problem could be that your objective will be limiting your future. If you proclaim a statement in your objective you are only interested in a specific job, then they may not even consider putting you in a job you have passion for in the future.

Finally their opinion is, that most resume objectives are so off the subject, that they are actually meaningless. So why waste the space with something that (may harm) your goal of obtaining an interview? There are some good arguments.

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See some good arguments, here are some BAD Resume Objective Examples.

These resume objective examples show how a poorly written job objective can do you more harm than it can good.

To work for an organization with a great environment and also great pay.

To use my experience and talents working for an aggressive company, important to me would be, a well-balanced company.

To work as an accountant where accuracy is greatly appreciated.

A job that challenges me. Challenge is my hobby and also my middle name. I have always been looking for a challenging position.

The Good Viewpoint On Using An Objective

There are also quite a few resume experts who strongly believe in using resume objective examples or using your own that you created. These experts point out the fact what an employer wants is to be able to determine — within only seconds — what job you are applying for in the company and what experience you bring with you.

They are also on the train of thought, that if you do not define a job objective, that you really don't know what field of work is your expertise that will benefit the company.

Resume objectives will also help to sharpen the focus of your resume.

When you do decide to use a resume objective example, you need to make sure that it does not come off as all about you. Make it specific for the position you are applying for, and make sure it is in the organizations best interest, not your own. Demonstrate your skills and experience to the organization.

See some great job resume objective examples here.

A position with the Humane Society that will benefit from my achieved marketing skills, great community and contacts, and my commitment to wildlife preservation.

I am seeking a position that will require excellent and proficient business managing abilities in an office environment. This position should mandate multi tasking, including office management, also word processing, spreadsheets including database efficiency.

A middle or upper-level manufacturing management type position with multiple responsibilities, to include problem solving abilities, department planning, also organizing, and then managing budgets.

To fulfill my passion as a Secondary School Teacher dedicating my strong skills towards the development of all children and utilize my high enthusiasm and expert abilities.

Position as a Word Processing Secretary where I can utilize my updated computer knowledge, very strong peoples skill, my organizational ability, and my total business experience.

Using General Resume Objective Examples as Statements

Use some of these to make your objective stand out.

Over 20 years of management experience with a Bachelor’s degree in Business. Achieving excellence through detailed results. A manager leading by example to earn the respect of others. Excellent decision-making and problem-solving skills.

Hard working, very self-motivated, and high achieving sales professional that has five years experience working in the medical field. Excellent skills to create and maintain those relationships through the long and also shorter sales cycles. Very quick learner, have accomplished presentation skills. Strongest asset is commitment to my customer service clients.

Seven years experience in budget analysis in accounting. Qualifications: experience with managing all multiple tasks, also solving many problems, identifying them early before problems occur, very computer proficient at all types of accounting software.

Results-oriented, very detailed accounting experience. Skilled in Profit and loss statements, audits, taxation, also the internal controls program, and streamlining all procedures. I recently have passed a CPA exam; so I am currently looking for the Controller position.

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