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Dec, 20 2018 written, researched & updated by Joe Thurston

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Adventurous Jobs

The opportunities in today's job market are not that dependable, they are monotonous everyday desk jobs. However, for adventurous people, there are jobs out there very exciting and fulfilling but still very dependable and lucrative.

Some examples of exciting jobs includes military type work, being an Alaskan fisherman, guiding deer hunters up in the mountains, or a professional fisherman's guide or charter.

Military careers are not for everyone, but is an especially very rewarding career that has a lot of benefits for enlisted service members and their families. A military career offers one exiting experience day and night as you will always be ready to go anywhere in an instant.

If you are more technically inclined, you may opt in for the Air Force, since they offer a great deal more in the area of advanced computerized technology.

Types of risky jobs would be fishing throughout Alaska. Seeking a job as a fisherman in Alaska is not a very easy task, these fishermen seldom leave their fishing positions.

Their wages are based on a percentage of the catch with their earnings being from 2-10% for the new fisherman. Make sure you have an iron clad contract with everything explained upfront long before you head out for extended sea duty.

If you are an expert hunter, you would be happy to know you can receive pay to hunt on every day should you decide to choose a hunting guide career.

Hunting guide programs which helps you learn the areas the biggest and the best game are located, as well as training in search and rescue in case possibly something might go wrong while you and your party of hunters are out in the a desolate area of wilderness.

The payfor hunting guide, unfortunately, would not be its drawing power, but if you are a enthusiastic hunter, then hunting everyday you work is an additional perk for this job.

If you like working alone a lot of the time, a forest ranger might be a good choice.

Job Articles 2:

7 Way Job Search

Job search just creeping along! Take another approach by taking the bull by the horns and create something totally different using unique methods.

Strategies that work! They will outperform all commonly used conventional ways of searching for your next opportunity:

(1) Lets say it's been way to long that you have been in the mix out there looking for a job, so make your aggressive tactics proactive. The traditional way is to post your resume, then wait patiently for something to happen. Preferably a lead on a job.

But by using unconventional ways to job search, you dictate how things are going to happen through weekly making calls and sending emails. These should be weekly follow-ups with the corporations that you contacted already through e-mail submissions.

You want to include all the job openings or future positions you may know about from friends. By completing 5 calls every week, you will increase the results and time it takes to get back a response. And speed up your search dramatically.

(2) Zero in on your target job search and what tactics you will incorporate. Don't lolly gag looking at online postings, because you will waste precious time. Instead, be more specific and follow up on targeted industries, employers, and position you are interested in.

Don't apply for anything you see out there. ­Doing that you will fool yourself into thinking like you are being productive, but such a tactic to job hunting usually doesn't help you attain that position you are looking for.

I worked in sales a lot of years and my company that I worked for wanted us on the phone cold calling. I did not like doing that because it doesn't get any business. So I changed my strategies to following the above ideas to my sales position.

They somehow worked. I shot out way ahead by a mile of my co-workers because I was targeting not calling blindly out of desperation for luck to hit me.

(3) Job search targets that are aggressive and are consistent: Nothing is going to come to you by not having a prepared plan ahead of time. You have to go get it ahead of everyone else. If you send out 4 resumes in one week, and only 2 in the second week, what will happen?

You are definitely not keeping up. Instead be very aggressive and send out 15 resumes in a weeks time, week after week keep on it. This in return should result in a steady flow of job interviews within a couple of months maybe 3 months down the road.

Keep sending them out, it will take months to hear something back but when you do, you will see that all that work payed off down the road now that calls have increased dramatically months later. That’s what it is all about in the end. To get calls.

(4) Work it any way you want, searching for a job is a giant numbers game just as it was in my sales position I talked about earlier above. The tactics of bomb barding out your resume to hundreds of potential employers is a huge job all in itself.

So that doesn't leave room to target any specific targets you may have. No matter, you do the blast after your targeting has been completed.

(5) If you take advantage of the Internet and the search capabilities offered, you will easily end up spending a lot of dollars, and you will see very little results. The best news, is that many job search techniques are free and many are low-cost.

So many consulting agents working with applicants have often stressed that they will supply you with employer names who are hiring so you can contact them. Are you aware you can obtain that exact same type of information for no cost by searching the Internet yourself?

You may be very surprised at the information out there on the WWW, maybe you aren't very surprised if you have already found it yourself.

(6) Many of the great items in life don't come to us automatically, most are manually. The power you create by using automation would make job searching a lot easier. You must take advantage of your home personal computer and the Internet tools that are free for you to use and search with, so you can save a lot of personal time during your week.

Life is way too short, to spend all your free time searching for job leads. Improve your life's quality by using the automated job search features in any way that you can possibly think of.

(7) Today's job search techniques have a fault, the fault is too much focus on the Job Market that is only visible, or only those jobs most commonly known from outside of any hiring organization.

There is this company where my son works, that does hiring by paying a bonus to employees for referrals. My son has helped quite a few of his friends attain a position in this company and by using that process, made a couple hundred in referral bonuses.

Three fourths of all the jobs advertised are not in the Visible Job Market outside of the company. A lot of companies prefer to hire from within or interview a referral from a trusted employee. So what can I do now?

Tell everyone that you are immediately available. You must want to be very aggressive in your job search, don't be shy. Try to target the Hidden Jobs through contacting friends weekly as much as possible.

Get the job you want now, don't wait for it to come and get you.. Follow all of those job search helpful hints as much and as often possible, by doing this you will definitely shorten your search, at the same time boosting incoming interviews you get in the future.

Job articles 3:

Find the Right Job

Is this the right job to keep me happy? Each one of us thinks it at some time or another. Happiness is really all we want. How to find the right job for me is the next question you ask yourself. A lot of people hate their jobs, chances are you might be one of them. Also, you will produce more everyday if you are happy and content in your job. Most of us endure it as long as possible for many different reasons.

However, if you have the luxury of choosing the job that you want, like for instance jobs in IT software, oil production, telecom, hospitality etc. There is no surefire guarantee that expending all your efforts, you will find the right job that suits you but focusing your approach to get the best job to make you happy is an endless battle.

First you have to ask yourself why you would want the job. Is it jealousy because you know someone else that is doing it and enjoying themselves? That is no reason you should want that job too.

The circumstances and the skill set of someone else are much different than yours. So their happiness level will also be quite different from yours too. So, ignore jealousy and look within yourself to find out what is it that you would want to do that would really make you happy.

People can only be happy in a job where they are deeply involved in making their own choices. Getting pleasure from a job cannot be forced on you, you have to ask for it. You will feel happy with the job only when you enjoy doing it. That is the main thing that gives a person fulfillment and joy in their jobs.

So if you feel emotionally connected to a great job or not, whether you are being appreciated and rewarded by your employer, whether your co workers at the company create a great atmosphere to work in, it also depends on whether your compensation, perks and benefits.

Still all of this to some degree benchmarks whether you are happy at your current job position.

Complete a skills and competencies test. Identify the kind of lifetime job that matches your capabilities. Once that test is complete, only about half your work is complete. Believe me, it is a huge task.

People really don't know for years what they really would like to do to make them happy. Once you have completed that daunting task, the bulk of the work is done. Based on the results, you can start searching for jobs in that area of interest and narrow it down to a certain position.

If you were honest in making your job choice, then all it takes is one more step in finding the right position in the workforce that will give you happiness.

Most of the time the perfect job will be a combination of some, if not all, of the above-mentioned points. A person who is fortunate to find a job that offers all these can say they are happy in their job. You probably won't even have to say it, your face will tell all who meet you.

Job articles 4:

Jobs for Any Position

Look for websites when job searching using advanced RSS technology. This technology is programmed to collect job data and all postings, worldwide. A Lot of job search websites are associated with all job sites through RSS feeds. Websites collect jobs through this feed and are stored into their own updated jobs database.

So visitors or job seekers can find more jobs than ever by just searching one website instead of visiting all of them. Through RSS technology websites can connect with a database of job pages coming from corporate web sites, recruiters web sites.

BY using a very fast computer interface, you can search this great collection data saving you the trouble and time of visiting each and every site. Job searchers can search according to many categories, and or location. Great job searching tools.

Every job category is well organized- from A-I or J-Z you will find all occupational listings in order and ready for you to just push a button and start your search. This system will find any subject job you are looking for. A really great tool for you to utilize, its really amazing when you think back to the older days.

You can also use these locally by typing in a zip code. All jobs that are open in that zip code will come up for your viewing. You can see any job available in the country. Job descriptions and some of the time the pay scale is available. Qualifications to apply and how you need to apply are also there in detail.

Job articles 5:

Online Job Hunting

Online job searching is the easiest to do by far. Job search engines are great websites that accommodates job hunting. Those sites are most commonly known to be job boards and will range from a very large scale to say, niche only job boards.

All categories like engineering, also legal, social work, insurance, teaching and most seasonal job positions are all available with the click of a mouse. Users can upload their own resume and also submit their resume to many potential employers, at the same time employers post jobs and also search for employees.

With job searching online, you are capable of managing your time better applying to different companies in a single setting while you sit at the computer. Here's a couple items for you to familiarize yourself with dealing with online type job search including applying for certain jobs online using the internet.

The first step you need to know for finding jobs online would be write your resume and be prepared to complete a job application. What job you are looking for, will determine what you need. So create your resume and also a nice cover letter.

Second thing to accomplish is to make use of job searching engines to help you search at all top of the line job banks, also company sites, or online daily newspapers. Many job searching engine websites are available that will help you search for job sites that present to you all the new job listings.

Third is to look for an online website that gives you a very reliable range of categorized jobs, that you should be able to pick from easily.

Last, is you are able to apply immediately through an online application. Their online application would be the easiest and less difficult way to quickly apply. Once you fill out the online application form you will have to wait for the call from an interviewer for your next instructions of your online job application process.

Always do give out your phone number correctly so they are able to contact you at anytime. And you always have the option of performing a regular check at random from a job search website to help you check on the current status for your own application.

Applying from job searching websites is very beneficial for the effort and time dedicated to it. It will have a distinct advantage over say, walking in and applying. The speed o processing it, also its convenience, and also immediate research technology are there for you to take advantage of.

You can enter the job position you're looking for, you can perform an overwhelmingly exhaustive and exact search in just seconds, you can also apply for that job position immediately.

You no longer have to play the game of waiting for the local newspaper to apply for a certain job. The Internet can be a great global tool, locating vacancies quickly and also internationally plus your own hometown location.

This tool is unlimited in its use. A very helpful and ingenious program, that lets you dictate what job type you are looking for, the job description, what location you want to search, plus any specific requirements you are looking for.

This is really a high tech development way of finding job openings. So easy. Search jobs online, with the speed of light.

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