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Resumes For Job Seekers Over 50

May, 27 2014 researched and written by Joe Thurston

Why will resumes for job seekers over 50 years old have any appeal to you? Well, first of all you must be over 50!! Since that is the case, then let's create a resume for you that you can control. If you are older and job hunting, you will definitely want to take charge of at least one item in the job search that you can totally control.

No more worrying if your resume is right after today. With your knowledge and your experience in your favor, all we have to do is to put it in the correct format to make you stand out, without giving a hint about your age.

Truth is: your resume alone will not get you a position in the company you would like to work for!!

Personality has at least a 40% stake in your chances of getting hired. There sure are various other reasons, but with your vast work experience if you do get an interview you must use your personality along with your experience. But that is another subject for another article, so let's get on with creating resumes for job seekers over 50.

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Resumes For Job Seekers Over 50 Need…

Job Seeker Over 50What we need to do is create your resume in a likeable fashion but in a way that will not reveal anything about age.

Why? Because if you are not careful an employer will be able to figure out your age quickly. We are not trying to trick the employer, but what we do want is to create a resume that shows no age bracket.

What the employer is really looking for is a person who can perform the job that they have open. They are also looking at the risk involved when hiring a person. So naturally you do not want them to see any risk on your resume when they first look at it.

If you have a current resume with any of the faults that are listed below, then use this article as a guide to help you create an ageless resume.

Job Resume Contact Details

Job Resume Contact Details Your resume should start out as normal. Your name, your address including the city, your home phone number and your e-mail address.

This is pretty simple right? Just make sure not to give away your age by using an outdated e-mail address. By that I mean jdoe@aol... or possibly jdoe57@......

I am sure you can see this is a dead giveaway especially the last one. If you have to get a current e-mail then do so as aol could also make you seem older.

These are the faults you want to avoid in this section of your resume. Also do not add a fax number. If the employer wants to contact you they will want to call your home phone. At least this way they can leave a message if you are not available.

(Tip): This section of your resume is very short, so the best advice is to keep it very simple. Just one phone number will do along with a professional looking e-mail. Something like jdoe@... will work nicely!!

If you will be sharing a telephone with your children, then please explain the reason you want them to be answering your home phone very professionally and if you do not have call waiting, to please listen for any incoming call while they are on the phone!! Also if you have one, you can list your (cell) number on your contact information instead of your home phone number.

Job Resume Education

Job Resume Education Details Your education is very important and you want it to stand out. Depending on the type of job you are applying for this can get you called in for an interview, so let's not make any age giveaways in this section.

List your education, training and any certification that you may have. List all of your qualifications in order, start with the most recent and it will help you a great deal if it is relevant to the type of job you are applying for.

You can also include in your education section your future qualifications that you're currently working towards but be sure to make it very clear you haven't completed those yet.

(Tip): Do not put any dates anywhere in this section.

You don't want a potential employer to figure your age using simple math.

(Tip): Include your degree and for what field of study, the name of the institution you attended and also the city, and the state. Leave off your resume any dates of attendance, also the year you received your degree. You can always submit this information at a later date when asked for it.

Since you are over 50 take note: Your experience is more important a lot of time more so than your education. So don't fret too much about this section. An employer will usually count anything in the range of 5 years experience can take precedence over a degree. That is where the experience section comes in below.

Job Resume Experience

Job Resume Experience Details
Try adding this type of summary for your qualifications.

You can explain the many areas of expertise in a very short space. They will get the idea of your great experience with one quick look!!

List your work experience that is compatible with the job position you are applying for.

Detailing all of the various duties you have performed, though, will be the single most important section of your Work Experience Section. You need to be very accurate in describing these but you also need to make those duties that are more relevant for the job you want stand out more than the others.

It's common to use a bulleted list to display your various duties you can perform. These all can be talked in great detail if you get an interview.

Having 20+ or even 30 years experience is very valuable to any employer, so don't let this great experience come off in a negative way.

For instance: you could say you have 30 years factory experience in general, then zoom in on the last 5 years. They don't want to know what you did 20 years ago if it is not relevant to the position you are applying for. Match this one particular job opening and talk about the last 5 years experience in every detail.

(Tip): Use your 25 years experience to your advantage, don't list dates, but by being promoted to take on this position in the last 5 years, you have a great deal of knowledge and experience and can start off running with minimal training.

Job Resume Technical Skills

Job Resume Technical Skills You will want your technical skills very detailed for the job you are applying for, for instance unique type of programs and specific applications for the position. Everyone at some time has used one unique program that was only related to the specific job you were performing.

Go ahead and List the programs everyone should be able to use like Word, Excel or PowerPoint. These are the basic standard programs used in almost all companies. Company's will expect you to be able to do the basics.

(Tip): The section for technical skills is to list in detail your own knowledgeable skills for the job you are applying for. For instance if your future job involves lab work, you would list your analytical instrumentation skills. Also you're proficient in multi step methods of testing and accuracy.

If you are a manager then list those skills, people, budgets, special projects and the results from those projects.

Let's say you are looking for a carpenter position. You would list framing, drywall, installing doors and windows, modifying walls to accept bay windows, and finish carpentry.

Remember, you do want that very special potential employer to be able to find your job background including the skills you have acquired interesting enough that they will call you asking hopefully for more additional details. It's not really necessary to turn this section into a multiple page of your technical skills. Just make sure to list the most prominent skills used everyday.

Joe Thurston-Owner of Resumes Cover Letters

Now go to my resume download pages, download, and (save) it to your desktop. Backspace my information, and edit with your own.

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