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Review Resume

Reviewing resume with coffeeOk, lets review resume- A good resume is brief, with no errors, and directing your viewer to the point, without making them work, to find your qualifications. This section of review resume will help you do just that.

That is one reason why I include the qualifications area in this summary. Now when reviewing your resume, cover the following points.

1. Limit your resume to one page. Employers prefer to read only one page. 2 pages if you have 10 years or more.

2. State only relevant work qualifications for the position you seek to win.

3. Put you new resume document from word, on a portable device,and print it on the best letter quality printer that you can find. Or take it to a small print shop and they will take care of you.

4. The spelling has to be accurate, so make sure to use spell check several times, after every edit.

5. Use proper grammar, although it is very difficult on a resume, so make sure someone close to you reviews it, before you print.

6. Create good margin space for effect. My header layout is .25" my top margin is .12 my footer layout is .83 my bottom margin is .12 My left margin is 1.25 and my right margin is 1.25.

7. Use a font that is common 10 to 12, I used Times New Roman.

8. Once you have your resume error free, have it produced on good bond quality 20 - 25 lbs and 20 - 100% cotton content, white is best but you could use off white instead.

The goal here is not to tell them everything you have accomplished in life, that will come later in the interview. Your resume should state your qualifications for the position as 1---2---3 with very great emphasis on the present job you are trying to win.

The hiring manager already has predetermined qualifications he or she is looking for. Make sure each position you apply for, you make another resume to fit the qualifications for that job stand out, and be seen by the manager.

I am sure you have finished with Organize Resume if not go back and start over from there. Also make sure to vist the next page Resume Mistakes for some great tips on what not to do.

Check out the inside pages for more details on creating your resume.

Joe Thurston-Owner of Resumes Cover Letters

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