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5 Critical Steps to Job Search Success

Dec, 20 2018 by Joe Thurston

I was at a job fair the other day, just to promote my website, naturally my mind was on the 5 critical steps to job search success and I started talking with some participants while waiting for the company reps to have an opening.
Job Fair
Some of the job searchers needed more help and a better focus I could tell as they discussed their own job search steps. So I decided to just jump in and give some solid advice on my 5 critical steps to job search success that I offer as advice to have a successful job search.

After I was done, they thought my advice was great and that I should post it on my website to also help others all I could. So here goes, as I do think this is a very useful, and a down to earth guide to helping you find a great job.

1. What job do you really want?

Still don't know what job it is that you really want? If so then it's a bad plan to just end up sending out your resume to any job that is advertised on the World Wide Web. So the thing you need right now in this step is to keep track of the jobs you have applied for and also to create a list for what things you want in a job.

That list you are going to create should contain the Industry-the location-the hours of work-the specific job skills that you want and are sure that you can perform.

My Perfect Job ListKeeping this wish list sheet in your eye sight every time you apply for a job and only apply, if the job meets your own criteria. I realize this is hard to do, but if you really want a job you are going to love, then give it your best shot. Just keep in mind how uplifted you will be at the prospect of a job you would really like!

2. Create Your Cover Letter and Resume Using Your List!!

If you really know your own skills and build a great wish list for jobs you have in mind, then any of the jobs you find online will certainly match your own skills and will be a great job to apply for. They will then essentially be the same and a good fit for you.

Most employers use their job description skills to compare to your own resume skills, if you make them match, well you could get the interview for a job you would really enjoy.

3. Create Weekly Goals for Applying for Jobs.

Sending out job applications can be frustrating. So think on the bright side. You now have figured out what your wish list must have in a job criteria is. You also should have created your resumes, making the job skills match the desired job opening. You should have found 5 or 6 of them and created a unique resume and cover letter for each one.Keep Goals In Mind

So now lets make some goals for sending out your resume!!

Yes, it is very important for a couple of reasons. You need to decide how many jobs you are going to apply for each week. Creating a routine for yourself is much easier on you. I would send out 5 or 6 per week, and if you get no answers, then I would increase this to 10 or 12 a week.

Sometimes on the average, I would say it takes around 1 month to get an answer after you send out your resume. Mental exhaustion by spending too much time confusing yourself, by not keeping track of where your resumes were sent off to, will cause severe mental anguish.

4. Create a Simple Spreadsheet for Tracking Your Job Apps

When applying for many jobs, it is critical to keep track of what you have accomplished. So an excel spreadsheet is the best choice by far. This gets you organized in your job search and also helps to set your mind at ease.

Useful information you would want on a spreadsheet is:Job Search Tracker Spreadsheet

  • Company Name and address phone #
  • Job Title
  • Skills required for the job
  • Website
  • Contact person
  • Where are you at in the process (no reply, or yes got an interview)

  • Really, you can create your spreadsheet with an unlimited amount of tracking. The more the better as you will fill more at ease knowing exactly what, when and where you have applied for a job in the past.

    I have created one for you here below:

    <<Job Search Tracker excel Spreadsheet>>

    5. Revise These 5 Critical Steps to Job Search Success by Reviewing

    Review the information on your spreadsheet. Type in any information you are tracking that comes in, make sure to fill out every single column that you can. This will help you to analyze the good and the bad.

    You can now review the companies that are on the spreadsheet that you have heard back from. This is very helpful, you can research their business ahead of time and be prepared better for an interview when the time comes. Mark down if you are getting a phone interview. Review all information twice and BE PREPARED!!

    Now try to revise. By that I mean, look at the spreadsheet to determine the positives and the negatives.

    Positives being you heard back from a company. Ask yourself why and revise your plan now to prepare even better for a phone or personal interview. Get on target and define what this company who is interested in you is all about.

    On the other hand, revise those resumes where you sent them out, but did not hear anything back. Ask yourself why? Then revise and find the faults so you don't repeat them again.

    Practice changing up you resume, diligence pays off in the end!!

    Now go to my resume download pages, download, and (save) it to your desktop. Backspace my information, and edit with your own.

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    Joe Thurston-Owner of Resumes Cover Letters

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