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Welder Resume

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Look for a Welder Job in These Areas!!

Many items we use everyday are welded or manufactured by equipment using a welding technique. You can build anything from a coffeepot to a skyscraper.

There are thousands of products that need your welding skills, like building oil drilling rigs or a railroad. Construction would be my first choice to apply to, because they literally building everything in the world, like subways for instance, or building and repairing bridges. Jobs that have to do with welding have a variety, so you are never doing the same thing everyday.

Did you pick out some of the industries above to look for a job near you in your area?

Well I have more ideas for you if you didn't like any of the suggestions above.

Try some industry groups. Like agricultural machinery, you know the big green machines in the fields. Any company that manufactures machinery for construction, and especially mining machinery. Mining is big pay, and usually job employment last for many years into the future.

Try companies that build big machines like bulldozers, or cranes, huge material handling type equipment, any food-processing machinery.

Welder jobs are getting ready to pick up now since the economy is also picking up. Check the newspaper, or better yet, use our search engine today to find a welder job in your area right after you have completed your welder resume.

Welders could also land a great job at steel mills, iron and many steel foundries, smelting or refining plants. If you like to perform maintenance and repair on facilities or plant equipment, one of those plants above would be best.

Another great place to look would be electronic equipment type companies. Welding work would be done on electric generators, to rebuilding and welding huge electric motors.

The keystone pipeline is almost ready to go, or is already started up. If you like to travel you could really make some good money on this project.

Welders are always welcome in the metals fabrication field of employment.

All in all, your best chance at landing a good welding job is through your friends. Talk to them often. If they would put in a good word for you where they work, well, word of mouth means a lot. So if you come highly recommended, your chances increase immensely.

Your friends are your best buddies, so keep in touch regularly with them. When an opening shows up at their workplace, jump all over it.
Please don't forget the cover letter at the top welder cv format in word.

Joe Thurston-Owner of Resumes Cover Letters

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