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Using the 3 resume formats above, just backspace our info deleting it, then all you need to do is substitute your info.

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Creating your resume has never been easier. 20 or more minutes of your time is all it will take, if you have your job history info right there in front of you when you do the editing. These trainee resume examples are very fast to fill out and useful. Go to the other resumes on this website to get more ideas if you need them. You can mix and match creating a very unique resume you can call your very own.

Trainee cashier

Supermarkets, all department stores, gasoline stations, movie theaters everywhere, and many other businesses will employ cashiers to ring up the sale of their merchandise. Almost all cashiers total the money in their cash register, receive the money, make change back to the customer, fill out charge card forms, and give customers receipts. A will still use a pencil and paper or some use an adding machine.

Job duties will vary by the employer, cashiers are assigned to a register at the start of their shifts and are given a drawer with a specific amount of money. They need to count their till to make sure their drawer contains the correct amount of money and enough change to return to customers.

Cashiers will also make any returns and exchange transactions. The returned merchandise must be inspected and in good condition, and then determine when it was bought and the type of payment that was used during the purchase.

Stores that are using scanners, a cashier will pass a product’s U P C over the scanning device, it will then transmit the code number to a receiving computer. The computer does most of the work by identifying the item and its price.

Cashiers sometimes will manually enter codes into the computer and then enter the descriptions of the items and their prices will then appear on the screen.

About 50 percent of cashiers will work part time. Hours depend on the needs of your employer. Cashiers are expected to work on weekends, evening shifts, and on holidays since that seems to be the stores busiest times.

Many employers will offer some flexible schedules if you ask. The holiday season is the definitely the busiest time for all retailers, so many employers will not allow you to use any of your vacation time starting from Thanksgiving day through the end of the year and into the beginning of January.

Joe Thurston-Owner of Resumes Cover Letters

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