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Medical Home Services Resume

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Medical/Home Care Services

Medical/Home Care Services are responsible for the assessment, any eligibility determination and authorization of various types of medical/home care services to Medicaid recipients.

All home care services programs are designed to insure the health and safety of the elderly, or disabled. They do this by establishing a broad range of home based services that will assist the elderly staying at home.

Home care programs are physician ordered and are supervised by a registered nurse. Licensed care providers are under contract with the Department of Social Services.

Home Care Services available

Personal Care Services will provide people assistance in their home with personal hygiene, helping them to get dressed and also feeding them at meal time, various simple household tasks and a good nutrition plan.

Long Term Home Health Care, also known as a Nursing Home without the Walls, are services provided at home to those individuals who are medically eligible for placement in a nursing home.

Consumer Directed Personal Care enables the individual on their own to recruit, then hire, and train their personal care aide the way they want, to manage the delivery of their own home care.

Assisted Living Program (ALP) directs their services toward individuals who are clinically eligible for residential health care facility placement but whose care could be under taken in a less restrictive setting like their home.

Certified Home Health Services (CHHA) are nursing services, some types of physical therapy or home health aide services provided at home.

Research Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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