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You as the HR Manager are responsible for all the following activities:

1. Recruiting and Selection of candidates
2. Work with other company managers making sure they have the correct number of employees based on the specifications within the company policy.
3. Write job posting advertisements for any company vacancies.
4. Decide on what advertising media is the correct choice for your current vacancies.
5. Search for qualified candidates from a resume bank from many different websites.
6. Conduct telephone screening with candidates and also conduct one on one interviews.
7. Negotiate any job offers with the potential employees.
8. Oversee the Human Resources Department to secure new employees company required documents (Personal ID,) are collected and processed correctly.
9. Ensure all new employees’ contracts are diligently signed and that any employee forms are completed within a week of employment.
10. Provide any new employee orientation training according to procedures.
11. Remind managers of other departments to perform probation reviews.
12. Familiarize yourself with all monthly and quarterly performance reports to make your personal recommendations on promotions and any internal department transfers.
13. Listen to the employees questions and answer Human Resources related questions in a timely manner.
14. Direct the HR Department to make sure monthly payroll is processed in a timely and with utmost accuracy.
15. You must review on a constant basis and also update any and all company policies and their procedures so they comply to all current government and labor regulations.
16. Provide a working environment that is skilled and resourceful to work in.

Requirements are a University diploma in - business administration.

You will need to have minimum at least 4 years of related HR working experience, with 2 years management type experience also in the HR field.

Joe Thurston-Owner of Resumes Cover Letters

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