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Medical Technical Resume

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Medical Laboratory Scientist Duties:

Medical laboratory scientists work in various areas including blood banking, chemistry, and hematology, immunology, and microbiology departments.

They will perform a full range of laboratory testing – from very simple premarital blood testing, to the more complex diseases such as HIV/AIDS, sugar diabetes, and cancers.

They are responsible for very accurate test results and confirmation of these results. The medical laboratory scientist then gives this information to the doctor. The results will influence what treatment the patient will receive.

They also operate complex electronic equipment, computers, and very precise instruments costing millions of dollars.

Medical Laboratory Scientist will analyze human fluid samples using techniques like manual white blood cell differentials, bone marrow counts, microscopic analysis, and by using advanced analytical equipment.

They also assist doctors and nurses in choosing the correct lab tests. When they receive the patient specimens, they analyze the specimens, then interpret and create reports of the results.

Most of the time they are responsible for communicating critical patient results directly to the physician.

They also must be experts in using their instrumentation. They constantly monitor, and troubleshoot analyzers with the latest technology on the market today.

Some of their other responsibilities are to perform equipment validations, and calibrations.

A Medical Laboratory Scientist needs to earn a bachelor's degree in Medical Technology, Clinical Laboratory Science.

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