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Security Resume

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What are the main duties of a security guard:

Security guards, normally will be called security officers, patrol and help inspect property also protecting it against fire, loss from theft, damage from vandalism, terrorism, and any illegal activity.

They are generally hired to protect their employer’s property, also to enforce any laws pertaining to the property, deter any and all criminal activity, and resolve any other problems.

In all department stores, security guards help to protect people, store merchandise, obviously the money, and also the equipment. They will often work side by side with undercover police to prevent theft by any customers or employees inside the store, and also help to apprehend any shoplifting suspects and detain them for the police.

Most modern shopping centers and cinemas have officers who will patrol their outside parking lots to help deter any assaults, also car thefts, and prevent robberies.

Armored Truck Security Guard job is to protect all money and any valuables they have in the truck during transit. They will also protect business employees who are making bank deposits for their businesses from theft or injury. Their job is to pick up any money or other valuable items from businesses and then to transport them to a different location.

Carrying the money or valuables between the two points of the business and taking it to the truck, can be at times extremely hazardous. As a result of this hazard, armored car security guards will usually wear bulletproof vests and will carry firearms.

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