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Social Services Resume

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Social Services information for you:

Social Services assistance establishments supply many services that will include programs to help the homeless people, counseling all individuals, training of the unemployed, and helping people to secure financial assistance. Organizations committed to this line of work help improve the lives of families they help serve by enriching their lives.

Social assistance contains basically four segments:

1. Individual and also family services;

2. Community food bank and housing;

3. Emergency and different relief services;

4. Vocational rehabilitation services.

The individual and all family services sectors help to provide all the skills necessary for each individual to become very self-sufficient. Programs provide after school type programs also youth centers for the children.

Services that help the elderly will include some senior centers. Others, like adult day care, or home care services, and various support type groups, are more geared towards assisting both elderly people and also the disabled.

This service also provides support type programs to all individuals and their families. These will include programs consisting of drugs and or alcohol, some parenting support, and also victims of rape and abuse.

Community food type services collect, will prepare, and even deliver the food for all the needy. So they prepare and will deliver the meals to people who due to a disability or their illness will not able to prepare any type meals at all for themselves.

These services will collect and then distribute donated food, and provide hot meals at mobile locations, they also help out by distributing clothing and heavy blankets. Food banks, and meal delivery type services, and many times soup kitchens will be included among this industry.

The Community housing service provides emergency shelter to victims of all types of domestic violence, also sexual assault, or even child abuse. Also included are housing for all low-income individuals including families.

Community housing will also perform some form of volunteer construction for low-cost general housing—a lot of times this will include a partnership who will be the future homeowner, they too will also help in the construction and repair work.

Emergency and relief services will help to provide assistance to people who are directly affected from some type of disaster. They will set up temporary emergency shelters to help people left with no homes. They will also help provide the medical assistance for people injured in a disaster. After the disaster they will be there to supply food and lots of clothing, and also provide counseling for victims of disasters.

Vocational rehabilitation services will provide life skills type services. They most often work along side people that are disabled, as a result from birth or due to a disability illness or an injury.

They support and guide people to gain any skills that are necessary so that they can live very independently and also train them to find jobs.
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