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Medical Assistant Resume

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Download the file then your Desktop would be the best place to put it.

The example resume is easy to find there, plus when you want to work on it you won't forget where you placed it.

3 resume formats are available through this website to help you create your new resume with little effort.

Don't be reluctant to experiment with the format or the style after you start to work on it.

As a suggestion, you might want to download one of or free blank resume templates in the chronological format, the functional format or the combination format. Then use that by entering you specific job history into one of those to complete your new medical assistant resume.

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Some Medical Assistant Duties:

Medical assistants will update medical records of patients, insurance forms are also completed, and admissions to the hospital and also laboratory services are also arranged.

They might perform duties that are not as specific to the medical settings they are use too, for instance, answering the telephones, greeting the patients, handling everyday correspondence, scheduling patient appointments, and performing billing and many bookkeeping duties.

Medical assistants will most of the time, collect many laboratory specimens and help prepare them, used supplies are then disposed of, and they also will sterilize all medical instruments.

Medical assistants will prepare examining rooms equipment and instruments, fill out purchase orders and inventory all office supplies, and at the same time keeping examining rooms neat and clean.

As directed by a physician, they might educate patients about their medications and any special diets, telephone prescriptions for pickup at a local pharmacy, draw blood, help to prepare a patient for their x rays, also take electrocardiograms, many times they will remove sutures, and also change dressings for many patients.

Medical assistant programs are generally offered everywhere. Vocational schools, post secondary vocational schools, and quite a few community colleges and always at junior colleges and we also do not want to forget, online.

Post secondary study programs will usually last 1 year and will then result in you receiving a certificate or diploma, or they could last 2 years and then they will result in you receiving an associate degree.

Although it is preferred to have formal training in this field of work, it is not required. Most medical assistants will be aggressively trained on the job.

Certification will help you get a position faster and indicates to the health care provider that you meet acceptable standards of knowledge. It will also help you to distinguish to an employer that you are experienced and have been formally trained, which in turn, should and will lead to a higher salary and opportunities.

There are many associations out there—such as the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) and also the Association of Medical Technologists (AMT)—that will award all the certification credentials to all medical assistants.

Good luck and don't forget your cover letter.

Joe Thurston-Owner of Resumes Cover Letters

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