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Information Technology

Information Technology Resume

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Some duties of an Information Technology position:

Information Technology is the study, the design, and development, implementation, and supervised management of computer based information systems. Software applications and computer hardware have been arranged and designed by IT to deal with this information in an organized manner.

IT makes use of electronic computers and various software to convert the information, store it, protect it, process all of it, transmit it, and retrieve information all the while maintaining a very high security of the information.

IT professionals will perform many duties that range from the simplest of installing applications to designing and installing very complex computer networks and information databases. These databases can pull information from any area of the many departments in a building or many office buildings.

IT professionals perform various duties that may include updating and creating data management programs, networks, engineering computer hardware, database and software design, as well as the management and administration of the entire systems.

When communications and computer technologies are combined, the end result is information technology.

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