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Housekeeper Resume

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Look for a Housekeeping Job in These Areas!!

Housekeeper Resume
  1. Hotels are the obvious choice to look first. 
  2. A domestic house cleaning business.(Maid Service)
  3. Hospital Housekeeping
  4. Window Cleaning Services
  5. Start your own cleaning service

A housekeeper position can be very rewarding. If you are the type person who likes helping other people, this would make a great job for you.

Most of the duties are the same for a domestic household, or in a hotel setting. Keep in mind when you do apply for a housekeeping position, to cover these 4 areas on your resume;
  1. Coordinating that you have done, the type of cleaning, yes be specific,
  2. if you have supervised others on a crew and any record keeping you have been in control of.
  3. If possible, try not to make your housekeeper resume just a plain and simple list of your duties, be inclusive of what you did exactly.

Housekeeper Resume Tips

The areas of interest that I listed above are in your area, will you research them all?

To help you land your job, you need a clean professional looking housekeeper resume, which shows your enthusiasm and abilities. You also need to somehow make yourself stand out, from other candidates. So highlighting your great qualifications, your experience and also your education are key to showing your new employer how organized you are.

You need to have an objective statement, which will outline your future goals and expectations. You must list all the major qualifications you have obtained in this position in your work history and list your education on your resume. Point out any type of training you have from other employers.

It's obvious that grammar and spelling is vital; so send it through MS Word spell check to make sure it is error free. Have everyone in your family read it just to make sure the grammar is correct and it makes sense to them. If they do not understand it, the employer won't either.

When you turn in your resume at the beginning of your application process, make sure you are very friendly and agreeable to whoever you talk to. This is important because you just never know, they could be the supervisor's best employee whom they look up to and respect, therefore their impression of you counts big time!!

Besides, you really need to be friendly as you will most likely meet a lot of different people during the course of this job.

Joe Thurston-Owner of Resumes Cover Letters

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