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Certified Nursing Assistant Resume

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Some Certified Nursing Assistant Duties:

  • Clean or bathe residents of the facility.
  • Help the residents get dressed.
  • Help unable patients use the rest room when needed.
  • Transfer the patients in and out of wheelchairs.
  • Make residents comfortable by assisting with turn and repositioning in bed.
  • Report any health concerns the patient might have to the nurse in charge.
  • Measure your assisgned residents vital signs, and record their temperature and their blood pressure
  • Assist residents or patients by helping them eat any meals you serve them.

Some Skills that a Certified Nursing Assistant needs:

  • Complete a state-approved education program.
  • Pass their state’s competency exam.
  • Passing this exam allows them to use state-specific titles. In some states, a nursing assistant or aide is called a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), but titles vary from state to state.
  • Should have a broad knowledge on using the equipment and all tools provided on the job. Also how to take care of power or motorized equipment.
  • Keep updated with all the newly released products and associate themselves with them.
  • Needs safety related training on all equipment and knowing the hazards or consequences of using any tools incorrectly.
  • If you are a CNA, this job requires a compassionate and empathetic attitude.
                          Certified Nursing Assistant Job Outlook 2014 to 2024

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