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Home Health Aide Resume

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National estimates for this Home Health Aide occupation:

Employment estimate and mean wage estimates for this occupation
Home Health Aide BLS1

This job will be providing routine mostly individualized healthcare, for instance dressing wounds and also changing bandages.

This position also consist of applying topical type medications to elderly persons, convalescents, and also people with certain disabilities, either at the patient's own home or in a specified care facility.

You must then monitor or report any changes in their health status. You may also provide various personal care like assist with bathing, help with dressing, and any grooming of the patients.

Percentile wage estimates for a Home Health Aide:

Home Health Aide BLS2

How do I Become an actual Home Health Aide:

Home health aides will typically need to have a high school education, although there are positions that will not require it. Those of you wanting to work in a certified home health angency or a hospice agency, will need to complete some formal training and then pass a very standard test.

Job Outlook for a Home Health Aide

Employment for home health aides is growing much faster than other occupations. This occupation will grow a huge 40 percent from 2016 to 2026. Since the baby-boomer and the elderly population grows much faster these days, there is a great demand for home health aides and this demand will definitely continue to rise very fast.

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