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Cashier Resume

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For downloading, use our same exact file name and relocate it to your desktop.

It will be easier for you to find so you can edit it later.

These are 3 cashier formats you can use when undertaking the creation of your resume that are clean and crisp looking in design.

A Cashier’s resume should be used with informative bullet type phrases. Different types of headings like qualifications, your skills, your abilities, your education, and also any relevant awards you may have won.

To make your resume more effective, you need to list your skills that the employer is looking for first. This will catch the employers' eye immediately, setting you apart from any of the other applicants that are wanting this position. Yes, there are lots of other factors involved in deciding who gets the cashier job by the employer, but a very detailed cashier resume is one of the best tools you can use to have an even better chance at getting the interview.

Here is what to do to get the job:

You must make sure that you resume list the specific requirements that the employer listed in their job posting. When you have completed your resume for the cashier position, it should be a signal to the employer that your skills are exactly what the employer posted they were looking for in that position.

Once your editing is complete, you will be on the road to that first job interview, knowing you did it yourself. I know these free cashier resume are the best to use for your resume composition. Visit some other great pages for more information to use on you job hunt.

A great example of what your Cashier Resume Sample should look like:

John Doe
1473 Haywood Drive, Little Rock, AK 26314
Residence: (000) 200-2222 » Cell: (999) 999-9999 » Email:


[Enter here your objective]. Make sure it is enthusiastic and you love your work.


• [Enter here 6 different summary's of your qualification you want the employer to know].


Menards Inc. Indianapolis, IN.                                                          2006 - Present

• [Enter here your 6 top duties performed for this employer].

Burger King. Indianapolis, IN.                                                           2003 - 2006
Junior Cashier

• [Enter here 4 top responsibilities you were designated to perform at this job].


High School Diploma (2003)


• Excellent mathematical background
• Great multitasking skills
• Exceptional communication skills
• Able to stand or walk for long periods of time

Yes, you are busy:

You might think that a cashier just receives money all day and that's about it. Well they are responsible for more than that and this is a very busy detailed position.

Some Cashier Job Duties:
  1. Always maintain a very cheerful helpful attitude with the customers.
  2. Process checks, all credit cards, vouchers, many different debit cards, also discount coupons.
  3. Quickly process these cards accommodating the customers very quickly.
  4. Efficiently ring up the customers' purchased items accurately.
  5. Issue all receipts and refunds quickly and accurately.
  6. Must be able to void all discrepancies of any cash transaction errors immediately.
  7. Check customers out quickly, so any huge line doesn't form to your register.
  8. Be familiar locating new price charts, speeding up your customers' checkout.
  9. Help customers locate items within our store.
  10. Process any written checks for all the customers who might still want to use them.
  11. You Must KEEP SMILING all day long, even if you feel bad.

Joe Thurston-Owner of Resumes Cover Letters

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