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Driver Trucking Resume

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If you add this page you can tell your friends where to go to get their free resume and cover letter.

Decide to download it?--click save--save in Desktop--- keep the same file name.

Just makes it very easy to find for editing later on.

These are 3 driver trucking resume formats I put together for you to use when creating your own resume.
The formatting is great. Very positive look to all of these examples, but they don' go overboard.

Your experience will show through very quickly, once the boss picks up your resume at gives it a first over quick read. Because your qualifications will immediately jump right off the paper at him.

After all, that's why you came here isn't it, to get a resume they will notice in a stack of papers lying on top of a desk. And also, once you edit this resume with the details of your very own information, it will be even better.

You are going to find these free driver trucking resume useful, because you can edit them all day if need be to come up with what best suits your taste. Hey, I like the truck on the front of the resume on #3, but you can always change the picture background and add something else instead. I also hope you get the job.

Please tell your friends about this website, and leave me a comment on the contact us page. Like to know if you would like something else added to this website that possibly you may not have found, but want.

The trucking resume template above will get you the interview, also I took a chance by adding the background picture. Some people like the picture, I know I do. It's your choice on downloading the one with the picture, hey, I would use it myself. Pretty sure my future boss might like it too.

You will also need to go to some of the other pages for all the information you need to put together the strongest possible trucking resume so you can get called for an interview.

We need to add a job interview video in the near future I think that would be helpful, so I will start on that right away just as soon as I can get some more free time. You can never get too much help when figuring out how to arrange all the information for your trucking resume to make it great.

Dig through the information till you find the help you need by visiting the other pages. I will be updating a lot in the near future, so you should check back often. I hope you have great success. Let your friends know where you found your resume.

P.S. Get your free cover letter before you go at the top of the page.

Joe Thurston-Owner of Resumes Cover Letters

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