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Telecommunications Resume

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Telecommunications Resume Duties:

A career with the telecommunications industry is all about delivering voice communications, data, graphics, television, and video. The largest segment of the telecommunications industry is by far the wired telecommunications carriers.

These companies provide telecommunications services with wires and cables that will connect the customers’ to central offices.

The offices route the content to its final destination or to a different switching center that will determine the most effective route for the content to get to you. They also maintain the cable network that forms the backbone of their industry.

While voice once was the main item transmitted over the wires, this wired service now includes transmissions of various types of graphic, video, and electronic data mainly dealing with sending the information over the Internet. This breakthrough was made through the use of digital technologies.

Cable distribution is yet another segment of the telecommunications industry. They provide television and other services through a subscription. Companies who offer pay television services transmit their programming through two basic types of systems.

Cable systems bring you their programs over fiber optic and coaxial cables. Direct broadcasting satellite (DBS) operators bring you their programs from orbiting satellites to customers’ receivers, also known as mini dishes.

Businesses in the cable industry generate revenue through subscriptions, also by providing you Internet access, providing you phone service, and advertising. They will also charge fees for watching pay-per-view channels or for some video-on-demand programs.

Some of the choices you have for positions in this industry are:

Customer Service Associate
Order Picker
Outside Technical Positions
Seasonal Customer Support Agents
Wireless Installation Technician
Construction Lineman
Cable Technician
Wireless Retail Sales Rep
Inside Sales
Retail Customer Support Rep
Software Automation QA Engineer

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